About The Company
We are a Polish family business that has been operating since 1989.
EKOPLON is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for agricultural production in farm animal nutrition and foliar fertilizers.
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From the beginning of its existence, EKOPLON has been a family business that puts great emphasis on professionalism, innovation, product development as well as creating growth and development of agriculture. We manufacture and sell foliar fertilizers and farm animal feed.

Our goals are:

educating and integrating our clients, as well as ensuring business and social security, as a basis for cooperation in line with our mission, vision, values and corporate culture,

providing practical and effective solutions for the production of fertilizers and feeds with respect for the environment.

Our organizational development and the market success of Ekoplon is largely due to its group of qualified specialists, technologists and experts in the field of plant fertilization and animal nutrition.


Our Values
Commitment Commitment resulting from passion makes us put our whole hearts into our work. We are proud of the results we achieve, which motivates us to do even more.
Trust Trust in business is the basis of our actions. We implement it in relations with our employees, clients and business partners. An open and honest approach, based on mutual trust and support, guarantees success.
Innovation An innovative approach in the area of products, technology, organization and marketing allows us to meet customer expectations and create market trends.
Confidence Confidence is trust and faith in one's own strength, talents, skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities. This certainty guarantees that the offered products and services are of the highest quality.
Professionalism Over 30 years of experience, our experts' extensive knowledge and continuous improvement result in the fact that we are credible and perceived as experts on the market.
Development Heraclitus of Ephesus used to say: "The only thing that is constant is change." Development is a continuous process of change that makes us better today than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.
Trust the experts. Trust EKOPLON.

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